Sunday Worship Services

Liturgy Online

We are moving toward consistently live-streaming our worship services. Live-streaming is different from Zoom sessions, in that live streaming cannot be interactive, while Zoom can be. Therefore, we will no longer be switching back and forth between a printed worship service and the celebrant. The worship service will be posted here a day or two prior to the date of the worship service. Please click below for a PDF file of Sunday’s worship service.

Live Streaming

The reasons for live-streaming are several-fold.

  • First, we have learned that there are people who would like to “attend” St. John’s, but cannot for a variety of reasons.
  • Second, it seems increasingly the case that those who wish to visit a church prefer to do so virtually, rather than actually.

For the time being, we will use Zoom at both 8 and 10 AM services. Additionally, we are live streaming the 10 AM service on YouTube.

Zoom Sessions

Passwords are no longer required for Zoom sessions. You will need to download the software from You do not need to have an account.

YouTube Live Streaming

For the heartier crew, the familiar-with-technology (or for the late-to-the-service), you can join the service as live streamed on YouTube. In order to do so, follow these instructions.

  • Open your browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). You can log onto St. John’s account in two ways.
  • Direct login: click on this link, Or you can go to, look up (without quotes) “st. john’s anglican church digital media”, and you’ll find an entry near the top of the list with the Celtic Cross emblem next to it. Click on that entry.
  • You do not need a user name or password. However, if you do have a user name and password, you can “Subscribe” to the channel for easy future access.
  • Click on the “Live Now” video. The Youtube “live” session is about about 20 seconds behind the “real world” session.