Please note that we are instituting a new worship service snow policy.

  • THEN: In the past, the leadership would make a decision about whether St. John’s would be open during storms.
  • NOW:
    • Now, since the rector lives next door, you may assume that the main worship service at 10:00 a.m. will take place as scheduled, without regard for snow conditions.
    • The service may be adapted to how many are able to attend, whether key personnel may be missing (music, for example, may be affected), and so on.
    • Please use wisdom and discretion regarding your travel!
    • This policy does NOT apply to meetings, Bible studies, the 08:00 service, or other activities. Decisions must still be made by the respective chairpersons, pastors, and leaders of those groups in those cases.
    • This policy also does NOT apply in the case of natural disasters, power outages, flooding, and similar circumstances.