The Bible is applicable to every situation. No matter what you are facing, we believe in God’s particular love for you and sovereignty over your life.

Our pastors offer counseling as a resource to those who are struggling with whether God cares; to those who are wondering if change is possible; to those who simply want to seek the Lord’s wisdom.

Christ came into the world to be our Savior, to rescue us from our sins and also to experience the pains and losses of this fallen world. The Bible is relevant to every situation, because it is about Jesus who came down to earth to experience every situation. He lived sinlessly, grieved with us over our sufferings, and achieved salvation for us through his resurrection and ascension. At Saint John’s we have a saying, “Ancient Faith, Modern Life”, implying that what Christ did and experienced 2,000 years ago applies today. If you are wondering how it applies to your life, then know that you can ask for counsel from one of our pastors.

Call the church office for an appointment.