Please join us on Sundays
at 8:00 and 10:00 am at 1150 Bristol Road
Southampton, PA, 18966

In a Nutshell:

If you want to follow Jesus—or simply know what it means to follow him—St. John’s is for you. More than a church, we are a family who believe the good news of Jesus the Christ. We invite you to join us.  Together, we follow our risen and resurrected Savior, the fount of love, truth, goodness and beauty. Our rich Anglican heritage informs and guides us as we seek to be a humble, loving, orthodox expression of historical Christianity, faithfully adhering to the faith given to us in the Bible.

Our Sunday Worship:

Every Sunday, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, coming together to remember God’s goodness and grace to us, experiencing His redemption and love, rejoicing in the gift of community and fellowship. One might say that we are reverently impressed with Him, but not ourselves!

What We’re About:  Three distinctives


  • Liturgically (everyone has liturgy!) anchored in the model of worship passed down to us throughout history and anchored in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.
  • Spiritually oriented toward declaring the worth of God in our praying, singing, reading, and preaching
  • Wholly committed to honor the God who gives us life, love, and hope in the midst of a broken and often painful world


  • Caring for each other like—sometimes better than!—family
  • Bound together by a common love and commitment to the risen Christ
  • Welcoming all people: single, married, widowed, seeking, struggling, growing
  • Joining in a diverse blend of people who are looking to the same God for hope and help


  • Located in the community, so reaching out to the community
  • Learning to love and serve our neighbors, as Jesus has commanded us to do
  • Extending a hand to those around us, incarnating the love of Christ through our words and actions