April 6, 2016


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If you would like to receive our monthly newslet­ter and updates by email, please send your email address to info@toknowchrist.​org. This is also a great way to stay in touch for any sched­ule changes!

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Every Wednesday in Lent

9am Holy Communion Service in the Chapel

Lenten Devotions

When opening your email, take a moment first to seek God: http://ccca.biola.edu/lent/2019.


Biola University's "Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts" has designed a user friendly, attractive, rich and (of course) soundly Biblical guide for Lenten devotions. Both words and video provide a guide to profitable thought regarding both our fallen state without Christ, and our redemption in Christ.

It can be sent to you via email each day, or you can visit the web site on your own.

Highly recommended!

"Breakfast for Lunch" Pot Luck

Sunday, April 7th Following 10am Worship Service

Christian Education for Adults and Children

Everyone is welcome to join us following our 10am worship service on Sundays, March 10th & 24th.

"Spring Forward" Time

Don't forget to "spring forward" one hour this Saturday night, 09 March, 2019 for Daylight Saving Time!

PS: If you can identify the source of the image related to this post, I'll buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks and compliment you on your excellent classical education.

PPS: Why do they call it "daylight saving", when they just take the hour back in the winter time? Shouldn't it be called "daylight 'ha, we fooled you, you can't have it after all' time?"

Dedication of our New Pipe Organ

Saturday, March 23rd 7:30 pm

Emergency Weather Policy

Since the rector lives next door, you may assume that the main worship service at 10:00 a.m. will take place as scheduled, without regard for snow conditions. The service may be adapted to how many are able to attend, whether key personnel may be missing (music, for example, may be affected), and so on. Please use wisdom and discretion regarding your travel!


  • This policy does NOT apply to meetings, Bible studies, the 08:00 service, or other activities. Decisions must still be made by the respective chairpersons, pastors, and leaders of those groups in those cases.
  • This policy also does NOT apply in the case of natural disasters, power outages, flooding, and similar circumstances.

Annual Parish Meeting

Following 10am Worship on Sunday, Feb. 3rd

Tuesday, December 18th

Cooks Caroling Party in Abington 6:30pm

1843 Rockwell Rd. in Abington

Saturday, December 15th

Cookie Exchange to benefit A Women's Place at 10am