October 12, 2018


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Date Details
30 pending
23 pending
16 pending
9 Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, audio pending “On Sins of the Tongue”, notes
2 Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, Success or Failure: God’s Sovereignty, Our Responsibility (Acts 13:44–52), notes, On Success and Failure: God’s Sovereignty, Our Responsibility


Date Details
26 On Discipleship, Mr. Fred Hall
19 Rev. Ken Cook, 20180819_kc
12 Rev. Ken Cook, 20180812_kc
5 Rev. Jay Scharfenberg, Delivered from Satan’s power by God’s Power


Date Details
29 Ninth Sunday after Trinity, Acts 13:44-52, God’s Sovereignty, Human Responsibility (audio unavailable, notes only)
22 Eighth Sunday after Trinity, Acts 13:42–32, Leaders (notes only, audio unavailable)
15 Seventh Sunday after Trinity, notesActs 13:26–41, Old Testament v. New Testament People
8 Sixth Sunday after Trinity, Bishop Julian Dobbs of C.A.N.A. East, Acts 2: The Primitive Church?
1 Fifth Sunday after Trinity, notesActs 13:13–25


Date Details
24 Fifth Sunday after Trinity, Psalm 103, Phil Hanner’s last sermon!
17 Fourth Sunday after Trinity, Be(a)ware, Acts 13:4-12, notes
10 Second Sunday after Trinity, Increased and Multiplied, “Increased and Multiplied”, notes
3 First Sunday after Trinity, Acts 12:1-5, 20-25, “It’s Just Hard”, notes


Date Details
27 Trinity Sunday, The Rule of Faith, 2 Corinithians 13:14, notes
20 Pentecost Sunday, Expecting the Unexpected, Acts 2:1-13 notes
13 Sunday after the Ascension, 1 Peter 4:7 ff.
6 Fifth Sunday after Easter, Rev. Canon Art Going, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4


Date Details
29 Fourth Sunday after Easter, “Easter Power: Right Mind, Right Behavior”, James 1:16–27, notes, audio not available
22 Third Sunday after Easter, “For Joy that a Human Being has been Born”, John 16:16–24, notes, audio not available
15 Second Sunday after Easter, 1 Corinthians 15:45-47
8 First Sunday after Easter
1 Resurrection Day, John 20:11 ff., From Faith to Faith, notes


Date Details
30 Good Friday Sermon
29 Maunday Thursday Sermon
25 Palm Sunday, Galatians 4
18 5th Sunday in Lent, “Who’s Your Daddy?”, John 8:31–59, notes
11 Fourth Sunday in Lent, 03/11/2018
4 Lent 3: “Imitators of God”, Ephesians 5:1–14notes


Date Details
25 Lent 2: 1 Thessalonians 4:1 and ff.
18 Lent 1: Ministry Manifested, 2 Corinthians 6:1–10notes
11 (Acts Series continued) Acts 12:3–19, Eternity in our Storiesnotes
4 (Acts Series continued) Acts 12:1–5, The Power of Prayer in the Midst of Suffering


Date Details
28 (Acts Series continued) On Hardship, Acts 11:19–30Notes
21 Pro-life Sunday: The Image Of God, notes, “Weight of Glory” (C.S. Lewis), a part of which is quoted in the sermon
14 unavailable
7 The Epiphany,We Three Kings, Matthew 2:1–12 and notes.


Date Details
31 Sunday after Christmas, Adoption as Children, Gal 4:1 ff.
24 Advent IV, John 1:19–28, “Countdown To Grace”, notes, audio unavailable
17 Advent III, Matthew 11:2–10, “But Wait, There’s More!“, notes
10 Advent II, Luke 21:25–33, “There will be signs in sun and moon and stars …” (opening slightly truncated)
3 Advent I, Matthew 21:1–11, The Story Behind the Story, notes


Date Details
26 not available
19 Acts 10:34–43, The Gospel, with notes
12 Acts 10:17–33, Teachable and Willing, with notes
5 Acts 10:1–16, Cornelius Converts Peter?


Date Details
29 What Does It Mean To Be “Reformed”?, book of Jude
22 Acts 9:32–43, The “Resurrection” of Peter in the Resurrection of Christ
15 Acts 9:31, Part III, The Fear of God AND the Comfort of the Holy Spirit with notes
8 Acts 9:31, Part II, The “Can Do”s with notes and My Heart, Christ’s Home
1 Acts 9:31, Part I, The “Cannot Do”s with notes


Date Details
24 Acts 9:19b–30, What Happened To Paul?
17 Acts 9:10–19, Ananias, the Unsung Hero
10 The Conversion of Paul audio unavailable
3 Acts 8:14–40, The Ethiopian Eunuch


Date Details
12 Rev. Phil Hanner, Acts 2:42, The Apostles’ Teaching (poor sound)
5 Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns (ret. C.A.N.A.), The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares, On Judging


Date Details
29 Rev. Mark Rudolph, Acts 2, On The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
22 Rev. Phil Hanner, The Inauguration … Of The Holy Spirit
15 Rev. Phil Hanner, Acts 2, “Show and Tell”
8 Sunday after Epiphany, Rev. Phil Hanner, Baptism of Christ, Mark 1:1–13 (poor sound)
1 Circumcision of Christ, Rev. Mark Rudolph, Luke 2:21 ff.



Date Details
25 Christmas Day, Rev. Mark Rudolph, John 1:1 ff., Jesus: Immanent Transcendence
24 Christmas Eve, Rev. Mark Rudolph, All Was (NOT) Right In The World (poor sound)
18 Advent IV: Lessons & Carols, Rev. Mark Rudolph, Redemptive History in Carols
11 Advent III: Rev. Phil Hanner, 20161211_ph
4 Advent II: Rev. Mark Rudolph, Luke 21: Christmas, Past-Present-Future


Date Details
27 Rev. Philip Hanner, Advent I
20 Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, Acts Series, Kingdom and Power, Acts 1:6-14
13 Acts Series, Acts 1:9–11, He was lifted up, Rev. Philip Hanner
6 Acts Series, Acts 1:1–3, Those who have gone before, Rev. Mark Rudolph


2017 Reformation Series

10/28 Rev. Kenneth Cook Richard Hooker: Irenic Anglican Theologian, with reference documents: Hooker Lecture OutlineR. Hooker – Key Passages, and R. Hooker, A Bibliography
10/14 Rev. Dr. Henry Jansma Thomas Goodwin on ‘Soli Deo Gloria’
9/23 Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman Martin Luther: Life and Faith