February 14, 2017


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12 Rev. Phil Hanner, Acts 2:42, The Apostles’ Teaching (poor sound)
5 Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns (ret. C.A.N.A.), The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares, On Judging


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29 Rev. Mark Rudolph, Acts 2, On The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
22 Rev. Phil Hanner, The Inauguration … Of The Holy Spirit
15 Rev. Phil Hanner, Acts 2, “Show and Tell”
8 Sunday after Epiphany, Rev. Phil Hanner, Baptism of Christ, Mark 1:1–13 (poor sound)
1 Circumcision of Christ, Rev. Mark Rudolph, Luke 2:21 ff.



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25 Christmas Day, Rev. Mark Rudolph, John 1:1 ff., Jesus: Immanent Transcendence
24 Christmas Eve, Rev. Mark Rudolph, All Was (NOT) Right In The World (poor sound)
18 Advent IV: Lessons & Carols, Rev. Mark Rudolph, Redemptive History in Carols
11 Advent III: Rev. Phil Hanner, 20161211_ph
4 Advent II: Rev. Mark Rudolph, Luke 21: Christmas, Past-Present-Future


Date Details
27 Rev. Philip Hanner, Advent I
20 Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, Acts Series, Kingdom and Power, Acts 1:6-14
13 Acts Series, Acts 1:9–11, He was lifted up, Rev. Philip Hanner
6 Acts Series, Acts 1:1–3, Those who have gone before, Rev. Mark Rudolph


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30 Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, Acts Series, Luke 1:1-4, Faithful Witnesses
23 Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, James Series (5:19–20), Saving a Soul from Death
16 Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, James Series (5:13–18), James on Prayer, Part II
9 Rev. Mark Rudolph, James Series (5:13–18), James on Prayer
2 Summarizing James (James 5:7-12), Rev. Mark Rudolph


Date Details
25 Rev. Mark Rudolph, James series, The Hubris of Wealth (James 5:1 ff.)
18 Not available
11 Rev. Phil Hanner, James series, 20160911_ph
4 Rev. Phil Hanner, James series, 20160904_ph, James 4:1–10


Date Details
28 Rev. Ken Cook, James series, 20160828_kc
21 James 3:1-5, Rev. Mark Rudolph
14 Rev. Mark Rudolph, Slow to speak, slow to wrath, quick to hear (James 1:19–21)
7 Not available


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31  James 1:18–26, Rev. Phil Hanner, “Faith or Works?
24 James 2:14–26, Rev. Ken Cook
17 Not available
10 Rev. Phil Hanner, James 2:1–7, “Partiality
3 Not available


Date Details
26 James 1:5–8, “Wisdom“, Rev. Mark Rudolph
19 James 1:2–4, “How Can This Fly?“, Rev. Phil Hanner
12 1 Peter 1:3 ff., “Born Again to a Living Hope”, Rt. Rev. Steven Breedlove, Bishop of the Diocese of Christ our Hope
5 Act 2:37–47, “The Secrets of Church Growth”, audionotes


Date Details
29 Trinity + 1 Sunday, Revelation 5, audio
22 Trinity Sunday, Revelation 4, audio
15 Pentecost Sunday, “Isolation Inherited and Relieved”, audio and manuscript
8 & 22 Adult Christian Education: “The 39 Articles, A Regula Fidei“, manuscript
8 Sunday after the Ascension, audio, Rev. Phil Hanner
1 Fifth Sunday after Easter, Rev. Phil Hanner, audio


Date Details
24 Fourth Sunday after Easter: “Holy Spirit Presence, Conduct, and Help”, audio and notes
17 Not yet available
10 Adult Christian Education: “Liturgy and liturgics, who cares?”, manuscript
10 Second Sunday after Easter, John 16, Apposition and Opposition, notes and audio
3 First Sunday after Easter, What will you do AFTER the resurrection? Rev. Phil Hanner, manuscript


Date Details
27 Easter Sunday, What will you do with the resurrection? (Luke 24:36–49), Rev. Mark E. Rudolph, notes
20 Rev. Phil Hanner, Palm Sunday
13 What Are You Going To Do With Jesus
6 Rev. Phil Hanner


Date Details
28 Luke 11, Rev. Mark E. Rudolph
 21 Matthew 15, Rev. Phil Hanner


Date Details
31 Rev. Ken Cook
17 Isaiah Series, continued, Rev. Mark E. Rudolph
10 Rev. Phil Hanner, Isaiah series, continued
3 Isaiah Series, continued, Rev. Mark E. Rudolph