July 13, 2018

Seeking Associate Rector

St. John’s is looking for a man to work alongside the Rector, staff, lay leadership, and congregation in the ministry of word and sacrament, with a heart for:

  • sound catechesis (knowing God’s word well),
  • biblical discipleship (loving and following Jesus),
  • and a willingness to engage cultures of all kinds in a biblically firm and personally winsome fashion.

This will be an ideal position for a man with at least some experience, who wishes to commit to helping develop robust reformational Anglicanism in the Philadelphia area and Delaware Valley.

Please note that while we are actively searching, St. John’s is also in the process of strategy review and thus will not be making decisions immediately. We ask for your patience!

Roles and Responsibilities

This is a full time salaried position for a man who:

  • will help foster biblical discipleship à la Discovery Bible Studies or similar tool,
  • committed to sound catechesis of church and their own family (should one have a family), and,
  • will be involved in all aspects of pastoral ministry: theological, pastoral, and administrative; i.e., preaching, teaching, Bible studies, conduct of worship, hospitality, missions (local and foreign), vestry meetings, literally every aspect of church life.

Professional Qualifications and Education Requirements

This man must be:

  1. seminary educated,
  2. biblically literate,
  3. articulate in writing and speech,
  4. mature in faith and practice,
  5. either:
    • an ordained presbyter, willing to transfer their orders to the Diocese of Christ our Hope, Anglican Church in North America,
    • or willing to be ordained as such a presbyter, and,
  6. appreciate and be committed to the “Anglican way” of being a Christian, fundamentally described as adherence to the 39 Articles of Religion, the principles of worship embedded in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, and the Elizabethan Homilies as commentaries thereon.

St. John’s will be flexible about one’s degree of experience; however, a history of effective ministry in some fashion is essential.

Personal Qualifications

This man will be:

  1. committed to personally knowing Christ and making him known,
  2. engaging and personable,
  3. self-motivated,
  4. flexible in changing circumstances,
  5. ability to think strategically and execute tactically,
  6. teachable,
  7. courageous about trying new things and not (too) afraid of failure,
  8. in a stable marriage (if married), and,
  9. given to hospitality.

Preferred Skills and Characteristics

It would be helpful if this man had:

  1. musical abilities (but we’re not looking for a worship leader),
  2. a penchant for details (but we’re not looking for an administrator),
  3. the ability to “exegete” the culture of those born after 1990 and help St. John’s develop tactics for reaching them,
  4. a love for the give and take of “iron sharpening iron” in planning and execution, and,
  5. diverse interests and extracurricular activities.