Property Documents

Herewith are various documents pertaining to the work being proposed and being done at 1150 Bristol Road. Please remember that some of this information is proprietary, i.e., it is owned by St. John’s for use by St. John’s only. That doesn’t make the information secret; however, please use and distribute only as pertains to the welfare of St. John’s and the proper informing of the congregation’s members and friends.

Thank you!

Basics Of Ecclesiastical Design: this document is intended to provide a basic vocabulary and framework for thinking about the design of a “sanctuary”, though correct word would be “nave”—you’ll see why in this document!

20161122 16-45 Floor Plan Option #E 11×17: this PDF file provides a 2-dimensional floor plan of all of the proposed changes (near term and far term). It is not to scale.

St. John the Evangelist Nave Walk-through provides a “walk-through” of the proposed changes to the nave. This video file is provided in MP4 format, which should work on on Macs (with OS X) and PC computers (with Windows Media Player 12 and above) without needing to install any software. One can also download Quicktime Player, if desired, a process explained here.