Proposed Bylaws Amendments

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Dear St. John’s Members:

In preparation for the Annual Meeting Sunday, we are providing a copy of the proposed update to St. John’s Bylaws that we will be voting on during the annual meeting.

These changes were approved by Vestry during the January Vestry meeting. Some of the changes you will see are minor and administrative in nature. These include things such as the location of the corporation being in Bucks County rather than Montgomery County, noting the Annual Meeting in February rather than January (as has been our custom), and other minor changes which can be see in the document located on our web site here: 2020 Bylaw Amendments as Approved by Vestry Jan 14 2020.
One important change that we will be voting on will be to grant the Vestry an allowable range for future Vestry size. We are making this change to allow for a number of Vestry members that better match the size of the congregation.

With average attendance currently under 100 people, the current Vestry has proposed reducing the candidates for election for Vestry to two for this coming year. Ray Baker will provide an overview of the By-law changes during the annual meeting on the 9th, which will require the approval of members during that annual meeting.

Should you have any questions in advance of the Annual Meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact Ray Baker or Chris Freisheim.
In Christ
Chris Freisheim
Rector’s Warden