2017-09 Future Blessings Update

We promised to keep you up to date regarding Future Blessings progress!

On 8/20, the Future Blessings Committee and I gave a brief update on the progress of Phase II for St. John’s nave and sanctuary.

The key points were:

1. The work of Phase II will make the worship space of St. John’s one of the most flexible, elegantly simple, “reformed catholic”, “ancient/future”, “classically Christian” (i.e., Anglican!) architectural spaces for worship I have ever seen! I’m very pleased, when I think about the legacy we will be leaving for the coming generations of St. John’s!

2. Phase II will not affect present ministry work. We are not going to trade off immediate goals and ministry for the longer term outcomes of Phase II. We are keeping Outreach, Worship, and Fellowship firmly in mind at all times.

3. Any giving toward Phase II is intended to be above and beyond normal giving, the tithe.

4. This is not a “forced march” for the church. Different folks have different gifts, strengths, skills, and “assets” to share with the body of Christ, at different times, and in different ways. As the following slides point out, “all are welcome to participate through prayer, financial contributions, or other volunteer efforts”. This is ultimately about the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of St. John’s!

See the following slides for more detailed information, or download the PowerPoint presentation, if you wish. And if you have any questions, feel free to speak with me or with Chuck Steege, Chair of the Future Blessings Committee, or the Senior Warden, Chris Freisheim.

Your fellow servant,

Pastor Mark